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Mar 15, 2017 reseoyvd

open milk tea stores need to pay attention to what problems? In the selection of projects, franchisees need to do a comprehensive inspection work. Some businesses now use investors eager to lay traps caused losses to the franchisee. If you want to do business, you can look at how to do a good job.

1, to choose the excellent headquarters

so how to choose a good headquarters? Not only depends on the strength of the headquarters, but also to see their team management capabilities, to see if it is really to help customers join the shop, or in order to earn the cost of joining the customer for the purpose of. In short, the headquarters will be for the sake of customers.

2, don’t believe the sugar coated bullet

as a franchisee, many companies will be in a variety of ways to make you join their milk tea, but in his various temptations must not lose their minds. Seeing is believing is the best is that they come to study, and see whether they have said, will sign a contract, so as to safeguard their own interests, but also responsible for their own.

3, whether or not the real production strength

as a tea based, must have absolute advantage to protect the interests of customers and customers to join, the investment is divided into investment and long-term investment, like equipment, customers can buy, but they need long-term purchase raw material, so the material is to provide an absolute advantage.

4, join the reasonable charge

tea is not complicated, and the tea fee and do not have to be careful of those tens of thousands, more amount of deposit deposit, these are you may just do a business, you earn a once, and not to the customer to open stores for the purpose of tea. It is best to find some free joining fee, and all costs are able to reflect the integrity of headquarters in the above contract of cooperation.

open tea franchise business is good, if you want to improve the success rate of investment, in the choice of project link will not be let down, thoroughly to understand the brand, thorough analysis, to know what is suitable for your investment. The above recommendations hope to be useful to you, learn quickly.

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