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Mar 14, 2017 tvsbpdsa

shop in the end how to operate, each owner will have their own ideas, but also in accordance with their own ideas in the business of business. Daxing District Huangcun Beijing city cocoro supermarket was recently transferred to the 90 guy Li Chunyang. Li Chunyang active thinking, bold vision and courage, soon let the store have a new look.

Li Chunyang first posted on the street tore up the poster on the window, the glass clean, let the whole shop becomes bright. Business, Li Chunyang also very idea. He bought a printer, who come to the store to buy a total of 100 yuan of customers, you can print a photo stored in a mobile phone for free. This can be regarded as a new thing in the town, attracting a lot of customers. Although the purchase of a printer is not a small investment, but Li Chunyang in attracting customers and stability of the source to seize the opportunity. Whether you want to buy something or to print a photo, anyway, people go into the store.

not too long, the store’s business has entered the formal, many customers have the praise for Li Chunyang. I have been curious about Li Chunyang’s business, so he decided to go to his shop and have a look.

while we were talking, a young man came into the shop. "Elder sister, you wait a moment." Li Chunyang smiled and said to me. Then he went to the lad and patted him on the shoulder. "Brother, what do you want?"" "I want to buy something like instant noodles. I want to go on a picnic with my friends." The customer replied. "Well, these goods in our shop are very suitable for travel……" Li Chunyang pointed to several goods to the customer in detail, and take out the kind of material to make his own comparison.

just a few minutes, the customer will choose more than 100 yuan of goods. Checkout, Li Chunyang said to the customer: Yes, you can add our store WeChat, what would like to buy a look at WeChat circle of friends, give me clockwork information, but also door-to-door!" Finally, the customer with the WeChat store, holding the goods left happily.

a store’s business will be favored by customers, in fact, and the exchange between the owner and the customer also has a great relationship. I carefully observed the communication process between Li Chunyang and the customer, he always smiling, sincere attitude, the introduction of goods is not blindly sell, people feel very comfortable. Perhaps this is the owner of the 90 excels!

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