What are the risks of business investment in early childhood

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is an era of unlimited business opportunities, however, no matter what the market, no matter what kind of business to choose to do, in fact, there is a very big risk exists. As venture capitalists, only a comprehensive understanding of risk, to be able to know whether such a business is worth operating. So, what are the risks of business investment in early childhood? And let Xiaobian bring you to know.

circle outsiders difficult

There are two reasons why

, one is the outsider to insider is absolutely ignorant of early childhood training institutions or merchants, their employees often deceive. Because too many tricky thing, like a toy has no EU certification, several times the price difference. The two is the outsider investment development institutions, if there is not enough "to do obeisance" money, it is difficult to obtain the satisfactory effect of enrollment. Because the industry depends on fame.

insiders can through the connections, achieved a good reputation, and outsiders only with a large number of "Bai tie" money open, to mix a good reputation. But this is not always effective. According to market rumors, at present most of domestic early education training institutions and all levels of education departments are inextricably relationship.

profit is high, invisible investment is not small

early education industry is good, early training of high profits, this is an indisputable fact. But small investors should not ignore its invisible investment. Early into the early training industry including venue rental fees, AIDS (toys) purchase fees, hire teachers, promotional fees, investment is one of the biggest AIDS (toys) purchase fee, a business area of 150 square meters of training institutions, only aids (toys) procurement costs about ten million, this is only limited in the domestic AIDS (toys). If the adoption of international general, investment to increase two or three times. And its investment recovery period is also longer, according to industry practice at least 6-8 months to see earnings.

training courses determine life and death

film "Infernal Affairs" we must not strange, in early childhood training industry this phenomenon almost everywhere. What is the reason? The reason is the training course. If the excellent teachers are the key to the success of early childhood training, so the training materials is the key to success. Only with the key can open the road to success. Although there are many training institutions to support the strong financial strength, the reason is the final defeat still no satisfactory training courses.

in the interview process, I personally experienced a reality version of infernal affairs. Some training institutions because training courses have drawbacks, to recruit students, they commit themselves to another training institution, called the "merger". However, the person in charge of the agency almost all the time to find each other’s core training courses.

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