Nanyang nstitute of Technology alumni Entrepreneurship Forum began the second season

Mar 14, 2017 fuhunxpj

colleges and universities are the cradle of many entrepreneurs. Many successful entrepreneurs in certain achievements, do not forget the teachings of his alma mater, returned to the university to mentees who teach entrepreneurial experience, help people later successfully venture onto the road.

12 4, "the second season of Nanyang Institute of Technology alumni entrepreneurs forum Fourth Lecture lecture in collaborative innovation building 11 floor training room. For further guidance and help students, "how entrepreneurship incubator services", the general manager of our school invited Jin Yuan Zhengzhou Business Incubator Co. Ltd Zhang Huimin. Nearly a hundred students have entrepreneurial intentions and college students innovative business incubator Park team members to listen to the lecture.

At the beginning of

campus and society are two of the world, creating young students need to recognize that, in order to correct positioning of their own, find the future direction of development. Listen to the predecessors of the business motto, down-to-earth entrepreneurial projects.

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