Cattle boss should be sent to the boss to see the end of the Year Award

Mar 14, 2017 ijtbcwii

is about to enter the end of the year, the industry are sprint, year-end bonus is the motivation of each employee overtime. How to make the end of the year award, there can be a university asked. One company decided to give an employee a reward of $130 thousand.

and then continue to ask: "how old is your son, you this year to accompany him for a few days?"

the employee at this time could not restrain his feelings, choking on the general manager said: "thank you for my reward, I will work harder in the future must."

is the same 130 thousand yuan bonus. In what form, the effect is very different. The general manager will be sent four bonus, not only for the recognition of hard work, but also for his hard work behind the whole family support and concern.

one hundred and thirty thousand yuan bonus and three times with the "feeling" award, do not addition, but multiplication. There is a price for gold, love is priceless, emotion management, enterprise management can be said to be priceless.


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