How to ensure the safety of the tongue to increase supervision and inspection in Fujian

Mar 14, 2017 yulqsfbv

in our life with the improvement of economic level, a lot of people are eating out, but illegal businesses in order to maximize their own interests, to sit "black" food, deceive consumers, so for the health of consumers caused by the subtle influence of the. Fujian province food and Drug Administration yesterday issued a sixth year period of food supervision and sampling information, within the scope of the province’s 31 major categories of 1169 batches of food supervision and sampling, a total of 49 batches of internal quality unqualified, unqualified samples found that the rate of 4.2%.

at present, the provincial food and drug administration has asked the city (District) food and drug supervision departments to timely unqualified food production operators to carry out investigation and disposal, investigate and punish acts of illegal production and management, and urge enterprises to fulfill their legal obligations, the prevention and control of food safety risk. Consumers in the market, if found to be notified of substandard food, can pull 12331 complaints.

. 1 batches of substandard: labeled Fujian Rongcheng Food Co. Ltd. February 9, 2015 production specifications for 500 grams / bag by fresh MSG, monosodium glutamate were unqualified.

special meal of 2 batches of substandard products: 1, marked as Hanson lochen (Xiamen) Biotechnology Co. Ltd. March 10, 2016 production specifications for 225g (25 g × 9 bags) / Organic Infant Nutrition multidimensional vegetable box (Rice noodles calcium fortified infant nutrition, organic Rice noodles) the total number of colonies detected unqualified; 2, mark Nanchang Amway nutrition science and food limited company in the December 10, 2015 production specifications for 250 grams (25 grams of × 10 bag / box) organic nutritious cereal vegetable cod formula, detection of substandard water.

frozen food 2 batches of substandard: 1, marked as Fuzhou Michitaka food limited company in the March 16, 2016 production of shark slip, detection of total arsenic unqualified; 2, marked as Longhai Kaida food limited company in the December 12, 2015 production of Green Tea taro cake, lemon yellow, blue unqualified detection.

edible agricultural products (000061, shares) 9 batches of substandard, including Yonghui Cangshan Aegean Sea Shopping Center store, purchase date is June 10, 2016 (Dongyuan Xing Agrocybe) fresh mushroom, the detection of endosulfan failed.

food and beverage substandard 1 batches: labeled as Taijiang District Hui national restaurant in May 24, 2016 homemade meal package, sunset yellow unqualified.

tea and related products 1 batches of substandard: labeled crossing Fuzhou Tea Co. Ltd. January 12, 2016 packaging Spring Snail, detected three dicofol unqualified.

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