Another fall in the traditional BBS NetEase forum announced in October 19th to stop the service

Mar 11, 2017 ocypcrog

from yesterday, the old users in many NetEase forum open the forum page, the page will pop out a notice, inform the user, the NetEase forum will stop the service, in addition, many users also continued to receive the mail to stop taking NetEase forum.


according to NetEase official notice, said that due to the needs of the development of the media business NetEase, NetEase forum will be closed in October 19, 2016, in addition to real estate, home outside the PC forum. NetEase forum officially stopped before the service, NetEase will provide users with memories of packaged collection service, a key package to download each user’s personal articles and historical collections.

Lei Feng (search for "Lei Feng network" public attention) on the Alexa site of sub station of the query, want to see the NetEase forum flow trend and the NetEase recently flow ratio results in many sub stations and did not see the domain name, do not know whether because the NetEase for the Forum the flow in the website of NetEase than low enough to enter Alexa.


from the NetEase forum website home page, giving people a very intuitive feeling is that there are not too many active users. On the front page headlines while writing "focus of today", but in later found, these posts are more than half a month or even a month before the user, views the most headlines but also 8W+, who didn’t post the visible page flow will be how to use to describe a deserted house.



NetEase forum was founded in 1999, is the establishment of an earlier forum products. The forum is a very popular social networking tools in the PC era, but in recent years with the development of mobile Internet, mobile social applications spawned a large number of people, slowly accustomed to the mobile phone on the social activities, so the PC forum began gradually being forgotten, a NetEase forum is also a large number of destruction in the PC forum. As early as December 2012 NetEase forum derivatives NetEase community announced the cessation of operations.

NetEase forum shut down may be just the beginning of the current downturn in the overall view of the PC forum, there will be more in the future, NetEase forum can not afford to live or transformation, or shut down.

The following is the full text of NetEase

stop service announcement:

NetEase forum stop service announcement

dear friends:

due to the needs of the development of the media business NetEase, we have to regret to inform you that the NetEase forum will stop service in October 19, 2016.

since 1999, NetEase founded on our forum, hundreds of millions of netizens never abandon, always heart >

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