PingWest was announced 30 million yuan financing play led Zhi capital letters

Mar 11, 2017 soededej

I horse news July 28th news, PingWest co-founder and CEO Thomas play today announced that the company has been a new round of 30 million yuan financing, led Party voted for the Zhi capital letters, and also participated in the investment capital.

data show that PingWest is a science and technology play goods has been established over 3 years and digital culture media reports mainly covers the science and technology class, APP software, digital products, intelligent hardware, virtual reality equipment, cultural films, music, reading, education, popular drama, arts network, mainly focus on science and technology the trend and cultural phenomenon.

According to Thomas

said, the platform is currently has over 10 million users, he believes that the viscosity is also good, "through the usual interaction and feedback, see occasionally pick a wrong spit slot, they are content and attitude of our love".

Thomas also introduced, in addition to the existing content, the next play goods will also do some change from the content reported to participate in scientific and technological innovation and to expand the consumption upgrade itself.

specific performance, has set up the digital entertainment division, will launch a comprehensive program in the year two net; participate in the network drama production, there are some topics and ideas; into the "science and technology, innovation, digital life" as the theme of the broadcast.

The following

Thomas open letter "PingWest products play the recent financing, so TA had to say:" the

share a message: PingWest play recently completed a new round of financing, the current round of financing led Party voted for the Zhi capital letters, and also participated in the capital investment; by four to five homes in the calculation, this round of financing in the amount of about 30 million yuan.

our definition of financing is: signed all legal documents, funds are in place, and the completion of the transfer of industrial and commercial interests to prove the transfer.

this round of financing is to fix a chill the so-called "winter capital", but it should be just time coincidence. We are not rational enough, overestimate their value, nor humble their existence, but shows a relatively reasonable value range to the capital market; the leading investment Zhi capital letters, is typical of the "old money" model, logical, and focus on the long-term value of the investment institutions.

what is more important is that what we believe and are doing is verified by people’s needs and logic.

since its inception has been more than 3 years, as a science and technology and digital culture media, PingWest products play carefully created a good brand image and reputation. This image and word of mouth, to a large extent, because we continue to provide high-quality, with a distinctive imprint and style, the content of science and technology and innovation. We have more than 10 million users on all the media and platforms we operate, and we can see that by

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