Alipay Zhifu three license for the central bank to fight again registered domain name

Mar 11, 2017 soededej

news May 27th, according to the domain name Forum ( user posting said, before the Alipay third party payment license issued by the central bank, the industry set off a pay Zhifu cybersquatting boom.

Last week, Alipay

officially opened the new slogan "Alipay know, trust", industry vision focus again transferred to Alipay, Alipay after obtaining a license, a lot of domain lovers rush to open the zhituofu related knowledge with Pinyin domain name, some mainstream suffixes have robbed note, the registration date in 26 this month.

Alipay is a Alibaba’s first three party payment tool, earlier due to user feedback to pay the original domain name is not easy to remember, later, the Alibaba spent to buy pay Larry domain and Alipay three spell domain name, currently the two domain name for a jump, visible, Alibaba for the domain name protection consciousness is very strong, the Chengdu branch of Alipay Alibaba the domain name has been called, future domain independent enabled the possibility of a larger.

Pinyin domain has the very high sense of identity in China, such web enabled domain will more favorable development, since Alipay acquired two payment domain, and the implementation of the jump, for the website the benefits is large, good domain name can help enterprise website and force diagram.

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