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February 13th news, Tmall international recent moves frequently, following the successful introduction of the famous Japanese cosmetics website cosme, there will be a number of stores from Japan and South Korea opened in Tmall. Meanwhile, there is news that Germany’s largest retail wholesale Metro (Metro) and New Zealand’s largest supermarket chain Countdown will also be settled in Tmall international.


learned billion state power network, South Korea’s largest two retailers E-Mart and LOTTE Mart (Yimaide) (Lotte Mart) soon settled in Tmall’s international Alibaba. Currently, the two retailers have been listed on the exclusive domain name and, the official opening time is expected in mid March. In addition, the Japanese supermarket chain Fresta will follow.

It is understood that

, E-Mart (Yimaide) is the originator of Korean large discount stores, is also the largest chain retailers, including sales of processed food, fresh food, daily necessities, clothing shoes, bags, household appliances etc.. LOTTE Mart (Lotte Lotte membership), scale and E-Mart, but due to the Chinese chain store more, and in the same group in South Korea Lotte international business circle Amoy high visibility, so in the domestic consumers are recognized.

the two stores to attract tourists to Korea’s perennial visitors to the China shopping spree is a lot of Korea, workers purchase important points.

At present,

, Lotte Mart overseas official flagship store has been beginning to appear, you can see the sale of goods to clothing, beauty care, food imports mainly are diapers, kitchen utensils and other daily necessities, but the current page goods with examples, can not buy.

addition, another source said, in addition to the Japanese and Korean supermarkets into the store, Tmall international will also attract more large retailers in Europe and the United states. In March this year, Metro and Countdown, a New Zealand supermarket chain led by the international retail giant will also be settled in Tmall international.

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