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Mar 11, 2017 ijtbcwii

1 WeChat subscription number and service number to be merged with the service number to be concentrated in the subscription list  

PingWest play goods learned from different sources, the next WeChat subscription number and service number to be merged, service number will not continue to willfully occupy the user’s chat list, but as the subscription number is concentrated to a subscription list.

this is probably not a good news for businesses and organizations that operate the service number. After all, when the service numbers are moved to the subscription list, the ability to reach the user naturally weakened. WeChat had launched a public platform service, mainly intended for businesses and organizations to provide a better service and user management capabilities, but now WeChat think this experience is too messy, so to adjust.


net loan platform group net loan 665 million yuan sold A shares instrument manufacturer  


June 8th news, A shares of electronic instrument manufacturers ho Ning to spend 665 million yuan acquisition of P2P net loan group net debt of $66%.

listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Shenzhen haoningda meter (hereinafter referred to as haoningda) announced to pay the equity to the acquisition of Guangdong Jun special group lending network information services Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as net lending group) 66.0027% stake in the latter valuation of 665 million 276 thousand and 700 yuan.

haoningda first main series electric energy measurement and monitoring instrument manufacturing, 2014 completed two cross-border acquisition of business transformation, the first acquisition of assets is diamond jewelry sales enterprises per carat, mergers and acquisitions, assets of second is the diaphragm of a lithium ion battery supplier Henan Yi teng.

3 QiongYou founder Shaw said, the future of our company is certainly not the subversion you think of those  


from a BBS to a good business, from a website name to refer to a way of life, QiongYou now and in the future will consider the question of


visit "QiongYou" at the Beijing East sanhuan Lang Park Vintage, hall crowded with streams of people busily coming and going to a bunch of people, all of them is to interview the poor travel. In the last year to Alibaba led, loved the letter with investment of $ten million B round of investment, which was founded 11 years Online Travel Corporation to accelerate its own expansion pace.

4 product operation needs to know: how to attract users of your products 100W+  

product design to users exceeded one million, products in different stages, we have to do what things? Internet product operation in the market for business oriented, customer operation center, taking the data as the operation basis, to product life cycle operation strategy, continuous improvement and optimization of products, brand marketing.

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