FB online black market seized nearly 30 thousand bitcoins worth 18 million

Mar 11, 2017 jsbaengf

[Abstract] these huge amounts of digital currency were seized in October last year and will be auctioned in early June 27th.

news agency in June 13 New York Xinhua (reporter Ruan Yulin) the U.S. government plans to auction nearly 30 thousand online bitcoin, which is a huge number of digital currency in October last year, the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) seized is known as the world’s largest online black silk road seized, the value is about $18 million.

U.S. marshals Bureau said in a statement online, 29 thousand and 600 bitcoin auction will begin in June 27th. It is reported that, to participate in the June 27th bitcoin auction bidders need to register in advance, and the U.S. Department of justice to provide proof of identity and $200 thousand in cash deposits.

in a statement, the Marshals Service Department confirmed to be collected for another 144 thousand and 300 bitcoins will take additional action, at current prices, the total value of bitcoins approximately $80 million.

online data show that the Silk Road site is known as the underground network of the world’s largest black market, there are nearly one million customers. In addition to the illegal sale of drugs, weapons, the site also hosted fake passports, fake driver’s license, and provide services for incitement to illegal computer hackers.

New York FBI Cyber Crime Detective Christopher · Tabell has said that the silk road is by far the most advanced online, involving the most extensive criminal market".

FBI last October seized the Silk Road website, and seized nearly 30 thousand bitcoins, arrested online pseudonym terrorist pirate Roberts, the web site operators, the 29 year old Ross · Ubu Leigh F, the accused by the police because of drug trafficking and money laundering crime, computer hackers.

industry insiders said that such a large-scale clearing will make bitcoin prices fell. The U.S. government announced the auction will be nearly 30 thousand bitcoin news, bitcoin market price volatility, has been a modest recovery. Bitcoin price index, 13 bitcoin prices rose from $4.5% to $608.05.

in February 28th this year, the world’s largest bitcoin exchange operator Mt.Gox announced that due to the trading platform of 850 thousand bitcoins stolen, the company has filed for bankruptcy protection. The news for many bitcoin investors, is undoubtedly a blockbuster, but also sparked concerns about the virtual currency, bitcoin crisis has not been encountered by the crisis. (end)

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