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Mar 11, 2017 ocypcrog

that I want to restart the Hong Tao software news, Kingsoft vice chairman Lei Jun therefore sent a message saying, "Amoy not eternal mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, hero. Brother Zhu Hongchao with Hong Tao software to realize the ambition!" Thank you

The new

is still not used to call me Lei, Lei Jun did not know whether the habit. Leave work more than ten years of Jinshan line, as investors, all feel now is the hitherto unknown lei. Did he get used to it?

ten years, and Lei Jun to remember how many times. The last time they met two months ago in a Young Sun Hotel on the opposite side of the teahouse, Lei listen to me, take one of the highlights book of mining, seriously, help me, help me to contact the potential investors. The earliest a profound exchange of memory, is a night more than a dozen years ago, just after the Spring Festival from Lei Jun to drive to Beijing through Zhengzhou in Hubei home, give me a call, said "it’s too late, it is not easy to meet, chat on the phone for a while". Compared to the Lei Jun in the media, this "two" Lei Jun can touch to get.         ten years, Lei Jun pregnant fellow software and sympathy, have fun, poor communication leads to misunderstanding and confusion. But it’s all over. The message received Lei Jun of that moment, I not only moved, or moved.

Although several years ago, Lei Jun

told the media, "software sales method I sell cabbage like with the super Du", but now Lei Jun, in his years of experience in Jinshan achievements, enough to let me check up the point. Do the software company, but also can be made under the leadership of Lei Jun as Jinshan achievements? Lin Xinglu said in the message said, "Jinshan has been listed on the Hong Tao stage a comeback", this sentence is a great pressure. Lei Jun has no need to prove his success, and I need not only others to prove, but also the need for new results from my proof.           a few days ago, Ding Kai funny said, "the secret of longevity is: keep breathing, do not stop". According to this logic, for a software company, the secret of success is: keep making new things, always sell. Enterprises to survive, to profitability in order to adhere to the same software company. Lei Jun can insist on more than 10 years in Jinshan, Jinshan, the premise is still alive and live more and better. To Jinshan passion from endangered to listing, to now, of course, is Jinshan all the efforts, but the first is to adhere to the Qiu Baijun and Lei two people.

2000, Lei Jun in Zhengzhou said in a statement, let me deeply stimulation, "Zhengzhou software to help so many excellent talents, has not been able to succeed, the fundamental reason is lack of a charismatic leader". At that time, I felt the feelings of humiliation, shame, unacceptable. The passage of time, that I should be honest and open, indeed! If I want to revive the Hong Tao software, according to the former competitive team mate, now friends –

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