Yu Chengdong Lei Jun questioned LETV triggered slobber war Are cheat flow routine

Mar 11, 2017 hhasebcm

CEO yesterday LETV Jia Yueting released "reflection" full letter, discussion on the burn mode outside the increasingly strong. Today the Internet even spread out, Lei Jun Yu Chengdong, Zhou Hongyi and other chiefs of speech depending on defaults. Confirmed by the Phoenix technology, these WeChat dialogue screenshots are forged, Yu Chengdong et al.

things originated in music as the official ecological micro-blog. Micro-blog made a lei on music as screenshots and questioned the arrears, Lei LETV shouted: "you never wall collapse, and mobile phone TV in rolling".

music as ecological micro-blog


, a spokesman for micro-blog millet company forwarded the micro-blog and responded that, as the music as the face of their own supply chain problems, do not attempt to use the despicable means to divert attention."

millet official spokesman micro-blog

when users began watching millet, music, as the war of words, I did not expect another group of Chiefs of speech followed. Like Lei Jun dialogue shots, Zhou Hongyi, Yu Chengdong and other chiefs of the dialogue screenshots also spread out. Among them, according to the head of WeChat, Zhou Hongyi dialogue was pointed out that the media from the people of Li Yinghuan, then immediately issued a circle of friends, said the dialogue is PS, he has never had a similar dialogue with the.

was involved in the "party" rumor

circle of friends

also, according to the WeChat Lei screenshots, the conversation is the mobile phone industry analyst Sun Changxu. Phoenix is linked to the sun, the other said the spread of the Internet and their Lei screenshot is PS. But as of press time, Lei Jun and millet company has not denied.

In fact,

, users of PS have similar dialogue shots immunity, but things from the music and millet administrative micro-blog "propaganda" fermentation, it aroused public concern.

however, in the case did not identify true and false, there are still some people from the media to publish and disseminate false information, in order to achieve diversion effect, not only contributed to the rumors, to bring adverse effects to the parties.

related rumors

HUAWEI CEO Yu Chengdong consumer business was fabricated after the dialogue "was really angry, in a" Friends of the IT 500 "WeChat group, more than the related comments in" personality guarantee "was denied, he said:" I have never made any comments on the music!! "" I have never had that WeChat!! to honor commitments." Fang Xingdong also said: "yes, I believe you will never. These people are too bad ".

Yu Chengdong rumor

traffic is king of the times, not blindly pursue hot rub the flow of the article, the title of the party, the rumors will be increased, the credibility of the media is declining, but also cause adverse effects on the rumor of the parties in the. In this >

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