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] Reading "small faint in the wild, hidden hidden in the city, hermit in the DPRK." This is a popular saying, and use this phrase to describe sitting on the opposite side of the horse brother Gozap founder Ding appropriate acts. A long shawl, speaking quite quickly, quite a conversation on the way home atmosphere, if you encounter, you will think he is a rock youth, this is only the first impression of the dark horse brother ding.

is the only Ding river walk about and Ding alias, real name, Gozap, internal staff are also only legends, and the dark horse brother also can make nothing of it. Acts Gozap and D in the industry is not known, but several of its products can be regarded as a minor celebrity, including mobile phone reader Anyview has emerged in the Saban era, and information sharing site network is A new force suddenly rises. drawer. After the brand has been made, you go to the interview to do a good brand, do not interview me. My product is not a brand, but the company." In the words of the show is deliberately low-key.


in the mouth of the so-called brand is not referring to the general sense of the brand, but similar to Procter & Gamble’s multi brand strategy. Enter any of a large supermarket, you will usually see a superb collection of beautiful things brand, such as PANTENE, rejoice, Head and Shoulders, Crest, Tide, Persil, shufujia…… These products will have a wide range of logo, a variety of brand positioning, but they have a common feature – they are Procter & Gamble’s brand. The Procter & Gamble’s multi brand strategy to sub brand fight each other at the same time, also make different customers obtain different interests, the Procter & Gamble in chemical industry A new force suddenly rises.

acts in accordance with the concept of Ding, Gozap as a parent, be pregnant with information sharing, network synchronization service site site drawer crayon, a la carte service crashed and multiple Anyview reader. However, different from the daily chemical companies, Internet companies will rely on a single brand to fight the world: such as e-mail to NetEase, QQ to Tencent, information portal to sina. After the maturity of the company, most companies will choose to expand the development of multi brand strategy. But don’t take the unusual way – before the growth of the choice of multi brand strategy. This way is easy or dangerous road, it is still unknown. The following is a speech on I dark horse.

2005 cloud computing

I am a very old Internet users, from the beginning of the Internet in 1998, I basically did not leave the Internet one day. In 2005, I have a PhD students helped me up the first BUPT based (Note: Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications) technology team, is the basic technical force I have, then I will enter the field of Internet. Mixed in the field of the Internet, the first to be rich, second to have technology, other rely on luck.

2005 >

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