June total registered domain name of the United States fell to 80 million 959 thousand net decrease

Mar 10, 2017 tvsbpdsa

IDC Review Network (idcps.com) 07, reported: according to the latest data show that the domain name statistics agency WebHosting.info, as of June 30th, the total number of U.S. domain names reduced to 80959558. In June (2014-6-03 to 2014-06-30), the growth rate from positive to negative, net minus 7719. See detailed analysis below.

(Figure 1) U.S. domain name registration volume distribution map (05/26/14-06/30/14)

as shown in Figure 1, the total number of registered domain names in the United States has exceeded 80 million mark, the development of the distribution is generally stable.

next, IDC comments network will focus on the details of the total increase in the domain name registration.

(Figure 2) the total increase in the domain name registration (05/26/14-06/30/14)

according to figure 2, we can see that in June, the total number of domain names registered in the United States reduced from 80967277 to 80959558, the increase or decrease is more volatile, ups and downs. In first weeks (2014-06-03 to 2014-06-09), a decline of 38890; at second weeks (2014-06-10 to 2014-06-16), the amount of growth from negative to positive, a net increase of 54477; but in third weeks (2014-06-17 to 2014-06-23), or begin to decline, to fourth weeks (2014-06-24 to 2014-06-30), the total U.S. domain negative growth again, a net reduction of 32408, visible the whole process is less volatile.

In June, the total amount of

in the U.S. domain net reduction of 7719, last month rose 108977, the growth rate in this month is negative to positive.

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