P2P’s lay money will end industry subdivision is a new trend

Mar 10, 2017 vshjjzdg

2013 to the end of 2014, China’s P2P industry ushered in the honeymoon period of investment. The melting point of the network and peer-to-peer lending has received investment, another has recently been acquired P2P website is also a good thing almost more gimmick is hearsay; letter will be listed in the U.S.; considering that there are abundant financial resources are still more iceberg or direct operation, or indirect investment; P2P Internet financial industry drove somersault cloud, running in Chinese yiriwanli on the internet.

this run will be run out of the competition, ran out the difference; 2014 will be doomed P2P enterprises to enter the real competitive differentiation era from the "fight hand to hand with lending game. With this year as a watershed, the P2P industry had called the education market, the basic no cross interval competing; lenders rarely exist compared with various P2P the merits of the habit, and the borrower is also immersed in the Internet can borrow money "surprise.

P2P website survival

if the P2P site before 2014 to survive, the first reason is the interest rate policy arbitrage. The current one-year deposit rate of 3.25%, it does not reflect the true cost of capital in our country at present, the real folk lending in the mortgage situation, short-term lending generally is much higher than the years of 10%, even more than the statutory benchmark interest rate 4 times, therefore, when the P2P website have opened over the years 15% of the interest rates, the lender’s funds will be fully Everfount into the new space.

and in such a high interest rate, even if the P2P site’s bad debt rate is higher than the bank level, investors can still get a higher return on investment. It can be said that before 2013, as long as the site itself is not addlebrained, do things in violation of the financial risk control of common sense, survival is far more than the collapse; lenders earn money the opportunity is far greater than the chance of loss.

second is the policy arbitrage. Compared with banks, and even small loan companies, P2P site supervision can be said to be zero, regardless of the size of the loan or risk control checks, basically in the original state. In contrast, the bank is Fetlers in advance, regulatory policies even include executive appointments. Small loan companies, although flexible, can only put their own capital; borrow money to lend leverage only 0.5, so the small loan companies can not let go of business. In contrast, the P2P site must admit that it can survive, because it is willing to taunt "system" and "the progress of the bank" and so on are not in the same regulatory standards, which makes it can be "grown up", can have to taunt system cost.

lying to make money, a good day is coming

in the interest rate policy and regulatory arbitrage arbitrage dual "favorable", P2P website China still very extensive barbaric growth stage, especially in the extensive customer acquisition, not careful screening of customers; risk control is more relaxed. But this will play in 2>

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