Feibei 3G female entrepreneurial platform has completed the two round of financing 300 million

Mar 10, 2017 isjscowe

The completion of the two round of the 300 million level is

3G Feibei International Electronic Commerce on behalf of the day before financing. Feibei international spokesman confirmed that the company received financing news, saying it was Feibei international in the second round of financing, but did not disclose the details of the investment company.

it is understood that the international 3G e-commerce in February 22, 2005 officially launched, has entered into a collaboration with 500 thousand well-known merchants settled Feibei mall, a variety of goods up to 150000 line. Feibei CEO Zhang Kai said, the international 3G e-commerce in the future will focus on a built in the production and consumption theory and practitioners first, to become a global network platform, will completely change the Chinese and world economic model.

Zhang Kai said, the international 3G e-commerce in the two round of financing will be used for the second stage of the operation, will introduce more international brands, improve inventory management and related services to improve. He said, the number of members of the international 3G e-commerce has exceeded 3 million, 09 years, 3 quarter sales of 200 million, the 09 year will be the international 3G e-commerce outbreak year.

Zhang Kai believes that e-commerce has become the domestic Internet sales income ranked third Chinese industry, more and more users will love and used the Internet to buy cosmetics, but now is the traditional 2G e-commerce platform, can maximize the return to the consumer, the consumer is a strong promoter of the economy, they should be more in the process of consumption returns, but now is not the traditional consumption theory and thought. That should give consumers rebates, in fact, the consumer is not only consumer, more communication channels, more channels, so they should be in the consumer at the same time, at the same time to earn their identities and interests, is also the consumption capital there are mentioned. And the international 3G e-commerce is thought the lifeblood of electronic commerce in China gallop.

recently with the person in charge of Feibei Feibei international 3G e-commerce information platform to promote the integration of the Feibei’s said that the next will jointly launch a series of Feibei mall consumer feedback activities to celebrate the successful completion of the financing, so that everyone can enjoy the high taste of life, so that luxury is no longer a luxury, we ordinary workers they are able to easily consume, the current mall registered free gifts and national day in October 1st the mad rush is simultaneously


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