CN domain name or re open personal registration to restore trust is the key to the webmaster

Mar 10, 2017 ixhnnluq

Admin5 station network news: January 12th, registration services meeting at the ninth session of China Internet address resources (CNNIC years), director of the CNNIC meeting in 2012, breaking the ice open policy, individual CN domain name registration. In December 2009, the Ministry of industry to carry out a series of remediation activities of mobile Internet mobile phone website illegal pornographic information, investigate a large number of suspected illegal pornographic website domain name CN, then CNNIC began to implement the national policy to carry out remediation domain from the beginning of December 14, 2009, no individual user registration CN domain name, only for business users to open CN domain name registration. Individual users registered before December 14, 2009 will be able to retain the domain name, only to provide the necessary personal identification. After two years, due to the implementation of the Internet regulation activities and CN domain name system of the new deal, the domain name CN total market falling by tens of millions of users to a 09 year peak time now has 3 million users, even below the three million mark trend. In 2012 CN the domain name or the open registration, domain name CNNIC means that the current decline is difficult to rely on enterprise terminal market demand market, individual user base is the key to the CN domain name have top-level domain name meaning.

CN domain name was registered as a result of the year does not limit the threshold and one dollar registration activities to become the largest number of users of the country’s top-level domain name. When the webmaster do stand CN domain name is the first choice. On the one hand, the CN domain name as the top-level domain name, have more local brand effect, and the domain name resources compared to.Com is more abundant, personal webmaster Amoy to the good domain are also more opportunities, the domain name market also has high value and vitality. On the other hand, CN domain name does not set the threshold, one yuan registration so that the owners do not have to bear too much economic pressure, there is not much personal information requirements. Integration of the two CN domain name quickly spread, welcome to the owners, companies favor. But due to various problems in the process of the development of the domestic Internet domain name, CN does not set the threshold for many personal webmaster using CN domain CN domain name walking a fine line, filled with all kinds of illegal and harmful information, spread of pornographic websites. Eventually contributed to the CN domain name launched the site remediation activities. CN domain name website confusion, the main reason for the early barbaric growth of the owners, the fundamental reason is the domestic Internet environment is not perfect, the relevant laws and regulations are not perfect, the regulation is not in place. The ultimate consequences of laissez faire development will certainly have a negative impact. But across the board completely sealed personal user registration channel is a double-edged sword, in addition to injury to personal sites, the CN domain itself is extremely serious impact on the market.

2011 CN domain name growth trend


China’s Internet address resource registration service organizations also proposed on the personal registration of.CN domain name of the new implementation of management programs, including 1, audit standards: for the

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