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every year, every kind of focus on smart mobile phone and tablet manufacturers will give fancy marketing brought millions of shipments. At the same time, other industries are also relying on these businesses to shift their attention from PC to intelligent terminal to sell their future.

recently, eBay CEO John · (John Donahoe) remarks is an example. A "brought by the mobile terminal business revolution is coming" at eBay’s headquarters in San Jose, Donaho analyst meeting said, "we are changing the way of shopping, eBay company will also open up new business world leader."

Donaho told analysts that eBay hopes to increase its turnover from $175 billion in 2012 to $300 billion by the year of 2015. Through this possibility, Donaho the meaning of this is: the future transaction and payment activities to achieve value, will be provided by eBay platform and various functional departments to implement, which also includes the GSI business software and related services. But he made it clear that he believed that the majority of the amount through eBay, will come from people’s mobile shopping and payment.

from Baird Equity Research data show that in eBay’s $175 billion deal, $27 billion, more than 15% of transactions and payments from mobile terminals. This amount is three times the amount of the previous year. This year, eBay hopes to move the volume of transactions to reach $40 billion, including $2 billion in eBay transactions and $2 billion Paypal payment flow.

above figures have been analysts have raised the rating of eBay. Since the beginning of last autumn, eBay transformation, analysts on its love plus. EBay used to be primarily an auction site, but after the fall of 2011 eBay tried to cut ties with this already image. Investors also seem to believe that eBay is preparing for the post PC era. The company’s stock experienced a slow but steady growth stage, the stock reached a relatively high price, this is not only the highest trading price over the past 52 weeks, but also from the bottom in 2008 prices began the highest price.

however, compared with the Wall Street investment enthusiasm, to win the online retail overlord, the company still must defeat an equally powerful Seattle retail giant.

released data show that last year, the turnover of all transactions through eBay $67 billion, the amount is actually slightly higher than the annual total sales of $61 billion amazon. But on the Amazon platform, the proportion of third party sellers from the very amazing – eBay stock largely reflects its total sales, but it does not mean that the total amount of goods sold

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