B station VP large membership system adjustment the use of member exchange system

Mar 10, 2017 ocypcrog

B station VIP large membership system adjustment: the use of member exchange system

last month, BiliBili (station B) announced the launch of "big" member of the VIP system, the annual fee is 233 yuan. Some people support and others oppose.

now, according to the recommendations of the B station on the B station big member function to improve the content, big members can no longer buy directly, but the use of membership points.

B station said that in the new version, large members no longer as a function can be purchased directly, but like the other functions of the B station membership system, through the user’s participation in the community to get.


member points can be obtained in the following ways:

1, Lv4 and above members can receive a different number of member points each year according to their membership level, in order to change the "big member" of the time;

2, to participate in the drama of the contract users, each contract can get member points;

3, in the future we will continue to increase access to membership points, such as participation in community activities, such as B station.

4, member points in addition to the exchange of big members, the future can also be exchanged for other value-added products.

in the new version, the "big member" direct purchase will be canceled. Once purchased large members of the user, will be returned in accordance with the amount of the purchase of the equivalent of B yuan. The return of the B can be used for arbitrary contract, charging, live props and other purposes (if used for the contract can be re members of the members of the exchange of large members).

has contracted over some drama users, B station will be based on historical records of the return contract corresponding membership points (Note: some of them have been in October with "members" return ") membership function in the future will continue to increase.

The official also said

will continue to launch for the "members" of the game and merchandise package, let "member" more and more valuable.

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