At the crossroads of the network about the new car across the board will let the black car a stirrin

Mar 10, 2017 soededej

one stone arouses 1000 billow, the net is about the new car is on the crossroad!

on the afternoon of October 8th, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen officially released a new draft rules about the network about the car to solicit public opinion. According to the draft new regulations, Shanghai network about the car need Shanghai Ji, Shanghai brand, Beijing network about Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Shenzhen, the city has a residence permit or residence permit can apply for a driver.

in these household registration, license plate rigid regulations, there are some more provisions, such as the requirements of Beijing is 5 passenger cars or 7 passenger cars in the body, the body of the car posted about special logo. The term of the right to operate the vehicle shall not exceed 8 years from the date of registration of the vehicle (or when the mileage reaches to 600 thousand km), and the right to operate the vehicle shall not be transferred without authorization.


this is known as one of the most serious in the history of the network about the new deal. The introduction of these policies, to a certain extent, reflects the intention of policy makers trying to regulate the travel market, protect the interests of ordinary consumers. But how will the actual policy effect? This is likely to make black issues a stirring among the dry bones will be the ordinary people, once again placed in the taxi difficult, forced to hitting the car position.

for ordinary people, travel is a big demand for rigidity. In the traditional taxi management mode, the threshold is high, not market-oriented, and therefore can not provide adequate and effective, high-quality supply. When demand is far greater than supply (this part of the demand is often unable to meet the subway bus), only through other ways to seek satisfaction.

This is the

root of the existence of a large black car, the market demand is. When can not meet the normal demand for travel, people can only be satisfied by non audit, no management, no guarantee of a black car, although we all know that the car is not safe. Because the demand exists, provides a hotbed for the breeding of the black car, which also caused a lot of the black car is in the city, repeatedly hit more than lvjinbujue.

network about the appearance of the car, through technical means and share the economy, to solve the ordinary people travel difficult, taxi difficult pain points".

people from not only hitting the car into a car, can hit the car whenever and wherever possible, the emergence of a large number of network about cars effectively fill the travel needs of the people. Since there is a cheap, safe network about cars, naturally few people to go to play three of the black car, this is the objective of making the black car market quickly dies".

there are a number of private cars, the so-called black car drivers, are also in the platform opened a network about the car, but due to the platform audit registration, complaint handling and user evaluation mechanism, price transparency, unified monitoring, full technical services to enhance the level and platform of insurance and advance mechanism, in terms of price service, or security are more than the regular taxi, "black car" has actually become a credible "white car".

and the current north, on the broad, deep and other network about the rules of the car, put forward the household registration, license

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