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Mar 10, 2017 khmexore

editor’s note: This article from the entrepreneur Guo Yingzhe, she is a former VC, former media people, is now the founder of angel communities and equity trading platform Fellow+. This article is a new form of electricity supplier for her business – Social electricity supplier research and perspectives. The following is the text:

a few days ago, I heard a buddy said before I am very optimistic about the project is a good fresh dollar fund, I now readily made a circle of friends said to take this case back to talk about a new business form — "community electricity supplier".

I have

will be constantly asked a question: what can business investment? Often encounter this kind of situation I can not wait to "of course" two words shouted the earth trembled and the mountains swayed. Business is the Internet (including mobile Internet) infrastructure for hydropower coal, and the combination of "commodity" which has a long history of human activity, must persist in the changes of the times among the new form and count the number of investment opportunities. Demand is the basic necessities of life "needs, but in every" center "to" new center ", we need to think about is how to dance on the pulse of the times.

so, taking into account the business platform and the category as a starting point of the vertical electric business investment opportunities have become history, at the beginning of last year, I started to pay attention to a new form of organization, content and services to people with the characteristics of preferences as a starting point of "community electricity supplier".

"community electricity supplier" is not strictly defined, my understanding of the business form is: from the starting point of view, they are still the starting point of a category, and the electricity supplier and other vertical class is different from the SKU design to the content dissemination way all links are reflected on a precise hit people (and soon you will see, they will cut the category for the center, in order to cut the population demand for the category expansion radius).

might see a lot of people here have hematemesis: these can be the basic foundation we all know?! we do men, women, the elderly and children’s business…… To all users, but why not?! but the problem is that the queen and your grandmother is old, but it needs the same? To me not long investment experience, most entrepreneurs are lack of strategy, with a full female water is soft sister sub supplier and after a pink color theme hurriedly in the shelves of warehousing and distribution to a vast expanse of water drainage. But the localization of the devil, do a real community electricity supplier, must construct a "attitude", it will form a label, the label or who want to own the label of the people is its user base. This setting determines the size of the user base, but also determines the height of the ceiling in the future.

I have always felt that the most important thing for people to do, whether online or offline, is to understand the changes in social structure and social trends

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