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with the rapid development of the popularization of the computer and the level of logistics, now the network is extending in all directions. E-commerce has become the fastest growing industry in our country at present, online shopping has been accepted by more and more people. Whether in developed or in the city some two or three line city even in economically underdeveloped rural areas, netizens are available in the electronic commerce industry achievement. With the rapid development of the Internet, online business has become a new topic.

online shop entrepreneurship has become a new trend of entrepreneurship

people often say that "employment is not as good as entrepreneurship", in a number of entrepreneurial projects, more and more entrepreneurs choose the Internet business, to join the ranks of e-commerce. Why so popular network business, but because of the Internet, low barriers to entry? In fact, through the observation we can know that the online business is so popular in addition to the low threshold, the need to invest less money, but also because of these two reasons:

, a huge market potential

"online shopping" began to appear in people’s life, the Alibaba was founded in 1999, after ten years of temper, now have online shopping "this kind of consumption style popular at home. According to statistics, 2009 Chinese online shopping market size of nearly 250 billion annual transactions, amounting to 248 billion 350 million yuan, the scale of online shopping users is expected to exceed 100 million, and the Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) recently released a report that in 2009 the number of Internet users Chinese grew 28.9%, reached 384 million, more than the number of the total number of u.s.. Such a large number of Internet users, so that Chinese consumers are not only satisfied with the online Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other portals to provide free services, and more and more keen on online shopping.

two, the diversification of the network market

with the rapid development of e-commerce, the online store is becoming more and more abundant. A few years ago, we can only buy books online, computer accessories and other items. But now, the network of goods from tangible to intangible a superb collection of beautiful things, and from food and clothing to drink, even including online newspaper, book online news subscription, online personalized service and payment etc.. The types of goods are constantly increasing, and the popularity of the Internet also makes the appearance of network goods no longer subject to geographical and time constraints. For commodities, the network is its display platform, as long as you have goods, you can through the network platform for display, sales.

diversified online shop model

online shop entrepreneurship, build e-commerce platform is an essential step, how to build their own e-commerce platform, where I will be the main current several ways summarized as follows:

(a) with e-commerce PingTai Railway Station

people are commonly used to build an online shop is the way Taobao, pat and other online shop e-commerce platform. Select the platform to build, not >

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