What is our strategy in the face of reality

Mar 10, 2017 zkwmegmu

Hello, black alliance unlimited traffic have several months not for everyone to write soft, this time has been concerned about the development of domestic advertising alliance, the domestic advertising also has a view of their own, remember to watch in the Internet before about the domestic advertising alliance operation, written by a well, the analysis is in place, fully reveals the overall situation of development, below I say my own point of view:

first, the main form of advertising, or click and pop, pictures, text and other traditional forms, which is most familiar and recognized, many alliances are so basic form, as a webmaster we can only base in recognition of such mode of choice is good to have a big alliance. Advertising, such as: GOOGLE, ah, Baidu, little league I will not say, this is, a good choice for the webmaster is not difficult, unstable is that a large number of buckle quantity, especially it is of small, we can’t help but think one disaster after another, where is the way out us? What are our profit? How do we go? I introduce a better alliance to the majority of the small owners before: unlimited traffic alliance, this to a certain extent Small and medium-sized webmaster took the opportunity, of course, the development of the site is not only these, after all, still rely on their own efforts and hard work.

secondly, on the basis of the form of expression, we focus on how to use these alliances to create greater benefits for us. I’m not talking about cheating here. I’m going to say that when you join the league, it’s not enough to make a profit. Why do you say that? Perhaps in the minds of most webmaster, advertising is one of our profit platform, not only is this: good advertising alliance to improve good advertisement to give us, we then show owners get a commission, this is a normal procedure, but we want to have no ground for blame!, if an advertising alliance willing to stand together, and the form is monthly, how would we think!? our webmaster is not felt before I find everything fresh and new thought about this problem? In this process, I have asked many webmaster about alliance, mostly for alliance trust, Alliance Instability and buckle the serious! The monthly advertising form our webmaster is more willing to accept? Whether more willing to go into


in the end, the alliance like this began to emerge in china. Here I introduce good to you, is that channel 2 is a monthly advertising, advertising, on the other hand is free, and the webmaster, whether you are a small webmaster or senior webmaster, there are different models to choose, there is a kind of mode for their own, in order to find after all, their own profit, the profit at the same time the station station is not strong, in a certain sense, this is a win-win situation!

the so-called strategy everyone should know, to stand at a high angle to look at the problem to think about the 2 channel

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