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Mar 10, 2017 cyxnjljp

1 and QQ third landing QQ mailbox are collapse,

has not been restored over an hour

you know, Tencent QQ mailbox and the three party is Chinese landing across the Internet with the largest amount, thanks to his strong user base and user high viscosity, and today’s failure is so long, there is a loss of identity of the giant Tencent


2 news that Apple’s 4.7 inch iPhone has been put into operation as early as June release

January 21st news, according to foreign media reports, AppleInsider said, the industry came to the apple iWatch smart watches and iPhone latest news: 6 June at the earliest Apple Developers Conference (WWDC) will launch a 4.7 inch iPhone; Korea LG company has obtained the exclusive order of apple iWatch screen.

3 Mobile Games Ali platform distribution capabilities and the Tencent or across the forecast: three or four 360

Ali opened fire to the Tencent, to enter the hand travel platform or the majority of game developers are looking forward to one of the things.

The competition between the

platform is a good thing for developers, for developers, a platform means more than a distribution channel in the sea, so the "red" competitive environment, more distribution channels, means that many small and medium-sized developers can give a line of life.

4 Baidu secret test very simple new home page 7 years old home or end

Baidu new home input keywords effect after Sina Francisco January 21st morning news, according to sources, Baidu is a small range of testing a new minimalist home, the new home of the removal of text links, retaining only the search box, and various functions of entrance are folded to the page top right corner.

5 balance treasure encounter scale ceiling: new skylight in

review: in the face of hot pursuit and CAITONG, Ali resorted to a new blade: in 16, 2014 China Internet Financial Forum, the reporter learned from informed sources close to Ali, Ali was informed that the layout of the balance of treasure is wildly beating gongs and drums No. two ", named" regular treasure ", is expected to launch in the spring festival. Behind the war, what is hidden, the size of 250 billion, what is the balance of treasure facing the ceiling?

6 WeChat Alipay was paid by flattery, Bangsha, small game player was to kill the


recently, the Internet Financial upstart Alipay and Tencent have suffered under the three way secret sorrow attack, both sides also made a rare statement also emphasized that communication. As a financial industry, I made a 39 degree high fever is really looking at anxious. The plot is not on the idea of


despite the complexity of the case, we do not come out in the end who is so bold son AT>.

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