The way home mode sharing economy has nurtured new branches

Mar 10, 2017 zlxsfutf

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home CEO Luo Jun 7:30 every morning to go to work at 2:00 in the morning to work, and four employees living in the dormitory opposite the company. He only pays attention to an indicator every day: "customer satisfaction" is higher than the average value of the hotel? As for sales and profits, not care!


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Luo met NetEase technology reporter, collected from the office cupboard pulled out a pile of hotel room card show to reporters.

as a co president of the listed company Chinese real estate information group, Luo Jun in the occupation career over the past more than and 20 years, he lived in many hotels, the light is collected by the hotel room card is more than 1 thousand, but Luo found accommodation, travel in the process of experience is not satisfactory, even there are a lot of pain stay. For example, the room space is relatively small, generally only 35 square meters, if the whole family, old and young leisure out of five star hotel standard, live for a few business people in the room, often do not feel at home that is comfortable, and the price is not high, hot milk to the children, porridge, washing clothes and so on these it is very convenient.

at the same time, a long time in the course of the Luo Jun suddenly found that there is a share idle housing mode is quietly rising overseas. In 2011, the European business model market sales of approximately $85 billion, overseas HomeAway allows people to travel on the way home can enjoy the comfort, but due to the utilization of idle houses, so in addition to more personal, more housing space than the daily rental price will be cheaper than the same type of hotel room.

even more exciting is that the Chinese army is the most vacant room, the largest tourist population, the fastest growing country, these two features that the Chinese market has great potential.

so, Luo Jun decided to share the foreign free listing mode into China, coupled with the unique butler service, so that the idle quality housing play its value, also let Chinese middle-class home can enjoy in the process of tourism experience.

way home network came into being in December 2011. "Road home" – "journey home", the name of the army is very proud. Let the middle class enjoy the comfort of traveling home, Luo Jun believes that this is the user’s point of pain.

just two years, the way home network by the pursuit of capital. May 16, 2012 was the world’s four institutions joint capital injection in February 16, 2013 to complete the B round of financing, two rounds of financing up to 400 million yuan. June 18, 2014 received $100 million C round of financing. Are the old investors in the additional investment, the new investors simply can not come." Luo Jun told NetEase science and technology reporter, before the C round of investment finalized, there have been investors in order to increase 1>

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