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Mar 10, 2017 tvsbpdsa

      make sure the site before the site positioning, technical station or entertainment, regular station or garbage station, there is a goal to be able to enter the profit stage, unless you just play it.

      a successful formal station can be regarded as a lifelong career development, to build a successful regular station is not easy. Of course, an unsuccessful regular station can bring you income, but more and less problems.

      the size and income ratio of the regular station with the garbage station, 1:10, such as the income of a 20000IP garbage station a day, as long as the regular station can reach 2000IP. Just take personal experience to speak, not authoritative.

      garbage station benefits, start fast, flow easy to do, shortcomings: no future, short life. General garbage can be achieved within a month to achieve revenue targets, the latest three months, if the income is not available for three months, the basic proof of the station may have no income. Can abandon.

      as is known to all, garbage collection by collecting growth, relying on Baidu propaganda, GG revenue.

      1. Collection, the Internet is filled with hundreds of thousands of the same sites, these sites collect each other, so down, there are only a few benefits between the same site, I do not agree with the sale data. A data spread, there is no value. Have their own mining, collection also stresses skills, can not be a full stop, as far as possible to diversify the site, as far as possible with the target station to maintain a difference. In order to maintain a better ranking in the search. Runoff collection.

      2 flow, save the flow of a lot of. Most Adsense choose SEO, once and for all. Crazy AD as a keyword to flow more. As has been said before, if you have a lot of data in the outside world, there are too many sites in the search results, it is impossible to have a good ranking, unless you have a good luck. Maintain the unique content is a great advantage. Domain selection is also very important, COM is preferred. The recent $1 CN domain name has led to the rise of the garbage station, I do not recommend the use of CN meters to do garbage station, unless you have a lot of time, can insist on maintaining the garbage station and the revenue target set in 35 months.

      keywords positioning is also very important to a new level key to do very difficult, plus Baidu artificial interference is very strong, recommended two keywords and three keywords, such as mobile phone, to do this keyword is very difficult to achieve, we can use the "NOKIA mobile phone", "Samsung mobile phone" " NOKIA 5300" " pda" a large amount of search keywords, a keyword one day.

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