The largest train ticket purchasing network fined 1 million 500 thousand was tying insurance is a co

Mar 10, 2017 ocypcrog

morning news reporter Song Jie

, the national development and Reform Commission yesterday released information, according to the civil aviation and railway ticket sales agents purchasing enterprises while the spring tension machine of ticket price hikes, charges, the competent provincial price department of the national development and Reform Commission Price Supervision Bureau immediately investigate, part of the transportation ticket agents luanzhangjia severely punished. Among them, the Shanghai Xun ticket agent Co., Ltd. for compulsory service and charge the price of illegal fined 1 million 500 thousand yuan. The company’s iron friends network train ticket purchasing website is one of the earliest and largest, and Ctrip is the only train ticket purchasing partners. The company official said, the fine has been turned over and from the beginning of last year after the second half of the mandatory services were corrected.

reporter learned that, in recent years, Ctrip Jingdong, where have launched various train ticket purchasing business, and tying insurance became a common phenomenon, and now most websites have become mandatory for tying optional items.

fined website has been fined and corrected

according to the national development and Reform Commission, Shanghai xunxu ticketing agency Ltd. in purchasing railway ticket sales, in addition to government pricing regulations, mandatory additional passenger 10 yuan to 20 yuan of insurance, illegal price behavior belongs to the compulsory services and charges. In this regard, the price department has been fined 1 million 500 thousand yuan.

reporter yesterday from the price department in Shanghai learned that the company has indeed been punished. Sunto ticketing agency Ltd. purchasing website for iron friends travel network, according to its official website, iron friends network is the predecessor of a ticketing network, founded in 2009, the original national railway travel one-stop service, railway travel service professional leading platform. Said the site registered users exceeded 12 million monthly service users for the 200 million time.

reporter yesterday linked to the relevant person in charge of the company. The responsible person said, the company is purchasing network in train ticket sales, the main platform is iron friends network, is the only train ticket purchasing channel partner ctrip. In June last year, the price department in Shanghai to carry out the relevant investigation, in the last year in November were punished, and now the company has fined. In June last year, the competent authorities in charge of the investigation, the sale of iron friends network ticket has been corrected, the original purchase of insurance must be able to purchase the optional.

has been tying insurance is a common phenomenon in

in fact, as early as 2009, the network began to appear on the purchasing ticket. When Alipay and the long ticketing network cooperation, began purchasing network business. Passengers only need to query the necessary train schedule, select the number of train ticket types and tickets, you can pay directly through alipay. Web site will notify the user in 2 hours if purchasing success, purchasing success will be sent within 48 hours of the door, and the purchase of the failure will be a full refund within the specified time. Since then, catch the train network and other sites have joined the ranks of online purchasing. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the transfer of tickets when the price exceeds

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