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Mar 10, 2017 hhasebcm

grand or start from the grand acquisition starting point, then Jinjiang, and now netrose.

see the grand literary establishment of the news website Hongxiutianxiang is listed in the company, Sun Peng finally found a good destination.

any a webmaster, want to do stand must make painstaking efforts. The novel Sun Peng station still embarrassed, netrose website, too. Hongxiutianxiang novels stand is probably the beginning of 1999, has been unknown to the public of the boil. Pure literary website, it is not easy to want to do. How difficult it is to imagine.

that would be just the beginning of the Chinese network was grand acquisition. Hongxiutianxiang was ranked in the top three, the future is bright, but missed the grand opportunity, can only do a self development plan.

how to do? One way is to put the digital publishing, Internet writer works printed book, the path of network literature, under the banyan tree has more obvious times. At this time, Sun Peng is interested in talking to the press.

current novel stand nothing more than these two models, a kind of original station, a kind of transfer station. Original station really want to survive, mainly VIP sales and wireless reading, publishing royalty, as well as some advertising revenue. So, press and communication is the kingly way. Only by VIP 1000 two points, the Internet writer, not easy to retain talent. The exchange with the press, but also have a good original works, in order to get the favor of the press, here is involved in the accumulation of a writer’s resources.

transfer station is piracy station is not so easy, although the piracy station in a certain range of violation of the original station and the original author’s interest, but have to say, but also to promote the station pirated novels stand development to a certain extent, two favorable disadvantages. What are the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, or more harm than good, each according to his lights! At present, most of the piracy station has been caught in the repeated Baidu K station vortex, no matter how much traffic accumulated K die. Although the piracy station is numerous, but if there is no original press, little chance of survival. A while ago, most of the owners abandoned more novels, had to make a new start.

Sun Peng describes how to operate, netrose mode. In fact, how to maintain a community of original works. This is the development of the novel from small to large. Their first formal editing only 3 people, through their management, then following moderators, then management 80 editors, which continue to maintain to tens of thousands of authors. A Pyramid model, maybe a lot of people will be surprised, this mode of operation can be, in fact these need not be surprised, this model can effectively operate together, because the community managers are almost no income, depending on the interests and the community sense of honor. A person is not born with knowledge, attention to the money is a process from scratch, as long as you choose to view the stage of his money on it.

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