The meeting of the forum of the event of the webmaster meeting opened at 7 pm on June 6th

Mar 10, 2017 reseoyvd

today, I found out that open Baidu search, Baidu search for "Xiao Shenyang" in the second row, the relevant keywords in the first place, Baidu daily index more than 20 thousand, in the end of this Chinese Xiao Shenyang station is where sacred to him, I suddenly had a little curious. Contact with the bottom of the site through the QQ, and finally at 10 this morning with the Xiao Shenyang Chinese Web site Jack contact.

in the conversation, the webmaster Jack told me before he is a law graduate, in May 10, 2008 began to do stand,   Xiao Shenyang Chinese he did after half a month; made such achievements, more surprisingly, before Jack Xiao Shenyang Chinese network at the beginning, the station to do almost utterly ignorant of.

strange every year, particularly this year. In May of this year before the station is almost done Mister Jack webmaster, exactly what to do in this half a month’s time what? Led Baidu to its pro gaze, he and Xiao Shenyang what? Is there a shortcut

station do?

webmaster good water interview novice webmaster jack, June 6th at 7:00 ~ 8:30 and you meet in the station Be There Or Be Square party forum,


Xiao Shenyang Chinese network webmaster jack 

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