Ma Yun first talk shop new regulations has reached an agreement with the relevant departments

Mar 10, 2017 zkwmegmu

About the problem of shop the new regulations currently hot Alibaba chairman

the board Ma held today in Hangzhou, the second Asia Pacific summit in small and medium-sized enterprises, has said the relevant departments and intention to reach understanding, and please give reassurance.

this is the first time Ma talked about the shop’s new regulations, he admitted that this thing has caused great concern, Alibaba group and the relevant departments of industry and commerce, taxation and other emergency consultations and communication. Since August 1st the shop has begun to implement the new regulations in Beijing, Ma evaluation of this is I believe this thing has begun to deal with these two days in a gentle."

"We need to understand

ZF’s idea, but I firmly believe that the network groups have learned to keep self-discipline. We have achieved recognition and recognition of the relevant departments, please rest assured. After the efforts of scholars and experts, Internet users and industry associations, and the relevant departments have reached an understanding of intentions." Ma Yun said, but he did not disclose specific details.

in Beijing will be implemented in August 1st in a new shop, Sina Technology related to the investigation, there are nearly 9 users against the new regulations implemented, there are more than 8 percent of users believe that the new regulations in the implementation stage will stifle the enthusiasm of the seller.

although the new regulations on August 1st formally implemented, a number of industry and commerce, said that at present there is no investigation began to shop, there is no specific information on how to check. The official pointed out, Ma Yun’s statement or that shop the new regulations will be suspended, and may "settle a matter by leaving it unsettled".

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