More than half of the loss of ZERO animation network new domain name many people do not know

Mar 9, 2017 yulqsfbv

renamed China ( September 19th news, micro-blog released ZERO dongmanwang news last night, said before his stolen domain name, website domain and many people still do not know, and the server is still in the attack.

figure: ZERO animation network micro-blog news

days ago, a netizen in micro-blog said ZERO dongmanwang no! After the official micro-blog also announced the official website domain name will be changed to in the near future, the original domain name has been stolen, only temporary domain name has not changed, so most of the time still can be a normal visit.

according to the inquiry, the new domain name has been filed, and access. However, the site said that the domain name is still a follow-up problem. Loss of more than half of the user, the right to re brush Baidu, the new domain name there are still a lot of people do not know.

The theft of

domain name is not just a replacement for a new domain name. Some time ago look forward to the domain name theft, although after a lapse of three months, retrieve the stolen domain name, but the loss of manpower, material and financial resources are difficult to measure. For account information and password settings or need to be more stringent.

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