Sources said Ali 6 million yuan acquisition of micro blog large nternet thing

Mar 9, 2017 jsbaengf

micro-blog large "Internet thing"

NetEase science and technology news July 3rd news, today broke the news that the Alibaba spent 6 million acquisition of well-known micro-blog account, the Internet that thing".

broke the news also said, the thing that the Internet will enter Ali work. This broke the news has not been confirmed by both parties.

"the thing about the Internet" is currently about 1 million 710 thousand fans.

Alibaba has previously led consortium 500 million yuan investment in the domestic financial media 21 media, or to account for the equity capital increase of 20%. In addition, Alibaba has invested in a number of media companies, including tiger sniffing network, Sina micro-blog, Youku potatoes, cultural China, etc..

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