Right hand left hand site only have 10 minutes to choose

Mar 9, 2017 jsbaengf

face my dear website and my dear girlfriend, and my life, I did not choose.

2007-11-16, start planning my website! Poly E (www.jejie.cn)

2007-11-28, I’m getting married. And I want my dear to enter my world a network of.

2008-1-17, I began to do their own web site on their own computers, and program changes. Then do a lot of columns, with a lot of time, the program is also very carefully modified.

2008-3-10, I finished my site, I used to work in Beijing, I earned money to buy the domain name.

2008-3-20, I bought a space.

2008-3-26 I put the site to the space, and began to update.

2008-4-10 my dear said I didn’t think she cared about her every day in front of the computer, put forward to break up. I just said I love you and my website, I love you and the site each half.

2008-5-20 my site is so dead. No traffic, no popularity. My heart felt very cold. The failure of.

but on the day before yesterday dear let me choose the website or her and me in a short time. I don’t know how to make a choice today is good! Hope senior big brother give me a website evaluation (graph king brother) please see all of this article can often come to see me to the station. IP. I think the last 2 months to see how the development of the website. If still. I not only in the.


also sells one of my favorite stops. I want to be a stand and walk with my dear!


please contact 15830079994 QQ59968992

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