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Mar 9, 2017 zkwmegmu

confidence is too strong —

Sister Lotus

      s modeling to know lotus detonated the public eye, also attracted countless friends curse. I really famous, but she is confident to dare Superman, named after the other figure. Standing in today’s fame, she is really successful. At least people Sina, NetEase and other portals and the television asked her mirror. Ask what time can we achieve the fame and courage?

Internet writer – Taiwan

letter lotus elder brother

      these days it is known that there is a way to stop writing in the form of writing, and do not ask him how to write articles like this, and do not ask him what the meaning of the text. Look at the method of writing a short time he concocted and soon published, it can be concluded that this seal is Taiwan Internet writer lotus brother. In a few years as a daily news she not concocted new, Internet writer Hibiscus brother also concocted a new website development train of thought, and ask him the meaning we do not understand or cannot read this writing, this spirit is worth you to think about it?

lotus elder brother — all sealed Taiwan to give us what?

      the beginning of the letter: "Taiwan are specially written for small owners, owners of the poor" course notice I see blood steaming. Then read his published in the webmaster online all the articles, a word strong ah, self-confidence is very strong. From A to Z each chapter revealed superior ideas. He is confident he created regardless of whether others still published cold hot language said it is in momentum, not to scare people she does not give up the point of death. Since Sister Lotus that many sisters are not afraid of losing bile but what? She so many sisters do not in inferiority. Since the lotus elder brother – letter of Taiwan are not afraid of evil, how can we write these stationmaster afraid of what? I don’t understand connotation of seal a written article, but for me is a kind of writing style. After looking at the map of the webmaster network related to all the articles, I finally picked up my own keyboard to play my first article.

development site need to write is the responsibility of each of us

      the Internet is a large enough information media, each site is a magazine or a special newspaper. The site is the new media, we are each of these owners of a media industry, as an industry or a category of media do not even know what to write? So what do we do with the media? After that, how can we develop our own characteristics, we can not always go to the old collection of other people’s information and copy the picture, right? The key is not easy to write, how to publish their own daily website bulletin. As a webmaster industry media do not express their website announcement, ask how long we develop our website. In order to do their favorite station to our stationmaster net learning information >

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