WeChat circle of friends is a closeout Tencent server upgrade unstable

Mar 9, 2017 isjscowe


technology news July 22nd morning news today morning, many netizens said WeChat pictures friends pictures he had been forced to replace "please closeout". In this regard, Tencent responded that it was due to a small number of servers in the morning upgrade caused transient instability.  


users publish pictures content shows that not only all the problems with WeChat, even friends short video thumbnails are forced to replace.

Tencent relevant responsible person said, just because of the small number of servers in the morning to upgrade the WeChat circle of friends caused a short period of instability, duration of about 5 minutes. Has now been restored, mainly affected by the Guangdong Unicom users."

Tencent tips, just happened to WeChat circle of friends who can enter the abnormal WeChat’s set – Universal – clean up WeChat storage space, return to normal. (A Li)

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