Foreign best host TOP5iPage prices rose to 2 25 is still the highest cost

Mar 9, 2017 khmexore

IDC network ( 02 month review 28 reports: according to the WebHostingtop data to the host statistics agency showed that as of February 26th, the best price of foreign virtual host ranking followed by iPage, Fatcow, InMotion, JustHost and WebHostinghub service providers. Compared to the recent, only iPage preferential prices change from $1.89 to $2.25, however, its price is still the lowest. Below, please see the best foreign virtual hosting provider Top5 information in February.

1, ipage


since 1998, iPage has been providing reliable and high quality virtual hosting services, now set up more than 1000000 sites. IPage hosting services using 100% wind green energy, good reputation in terms of price, quality and customer service. Recent data, its price has increased from $1.89 to $2.25, but this does not affect its price, is still the five lowest price, the highest cost.

2, FatCow


The birth of

Cow FatCow is a U.S. virtual hosting service provider, founded in 1998. Fatcow hosts as a host of more than 10 years of operating history, with an average of more than 99.9% online time, stability, no doubt. Its ranking second, the price unchanged.

3, InMotion


InMotion Hosting provides reliable hosting solutions for businesses, fast and powerful. From the domestic visit anytime soon, regardless of Netcom or telecommunications, download speed basically can reach more than 100 kB/s, a variety of functions are very stable, but basically no visibility in the country. Its price is still the top five.

4, Justhost


JustHost is a new foreign host, headquartered in the United Kingdom, Australia has an office, data center in Chicago, illinois. Although it is a new host, but also in foreign countries by the user. JustHost hosting plans to provide free domain names, allowing you to use their own cPanel account to support e-commerce functions. At the same time, JustHost also provides a variety of grades dedicated host, and allows users to customize their own needs. Justhost was officially recognized as the most suitable for WordPress wordpress>

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