nner Mongolia’s first SNS platform opened

Mar 9, 2017 ddmycvlj

Inner Mongolia IT laboratory SNS platform opened in February 15th (http://s.i.nmglabs.com), the site’s main communication, growth, business philosophy.

has long been the lack of communication channels in Inner Mongolia’s IT circle, the owners closed the net. Most of the owners are not willing to accept the advice of others, the exclusion of competitors and avoid the shortcomings, the IT laboratory in Inner Mongolia that any webmaster has a modest, cautious, low-key attitude, good at learning, thinking and study, there will be more new discoveries and progress. Pragmatic, scientific and rational to do a website to find competitive advantage is a priority. The IT laboratory in Inner Mongolia through the efforts of all parties, brewing for a period of Inner Mongolia station SNS finally launched, broke through the concept of fuzzy cognition of SNS, positioning, promotion and other issues, the 09 year Inner Mongolia IT laboratory dress more strong, from the information content to interactive communication, the establishment of the operating system is more mature, the combination of CMS system and SNS station, news, function, data, interactive learning, several modules as the main body, the grasping force of refinement, truth-seeking, stability, strong demand, the industry resources to sort out, to promote the development of the industry. I hope the Inner Mongolia IT today with a little effort, the accumulation of years to get rich fruit All sufferings have their reward..

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IT SNS laboratory webmaster platform launched, marking the Inner Mongolia first webmaster SNS platform is open and operation, also marks the Inner Mongolia owners will learn from each other, common development, common development to meet the new height.

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