Zhongguancun online sale PC what is the next stop on the T vertical website

Mar 9, 2017 zlxsfutf

IT website has experienced IT vertical age, the age of the Internet, the mobile Internet era, several reincarnation transformation difficult to always make it dead or alive, the next stop will be road where


recently, following the online Zhongguancun CBSi China stripped out of the system, with no more than 500 million valuation was sold after the news yesterday, the former president of CBSi China Wang Lufa internal mail, officially announced his resignation. As a Zhongguancun online, love card network, online auto market, the top network and a series of interactive media, media brand matrix, the change of CBSi also confirms a recurring fact: PC is dead, IT vertical sites in the mobile and the impact of technology, is in transition into trouble.

lost glory

In his resignation letter Wang

filled with a thousand regrets way: "in 18 years time, IT era, the Internet era, the mobile Internet era, several reincarnation. We as the forefront of the media, all the way to record changes, witness the times." Behind this road, it is the whole process of IT vertical website from prosperity to decline.

CBS Interactive CBSi, has Zhongguancun online, PChome computer, ZDNet, home of the top network hummingbird network, the world wide web home network and BNET commercial network of excellence, media brand, Columbia broadcasting group’s interactive media company. Over the past few years, CBSi has been the development of media formats, and multiple capital acquisitions.

to Zhongguancun online for example, founded in 1999 Zhongguancun online, 2004 at a price of $100 million sold to the United States in 2008 and CNET, the parent company is CBS to $1 billion 800 million acquisition, combined with interactive media company CBSi, to become the world’s seventh largest Internet Co.

2004, Zhongguancun online turnover of about $about 10000000, in 2010, the turnover reached 250 million, 5 years doubled 20 times the valuation is over 10 times. Its business covers product data, professional information, as of June 2013, Zhongguancun online daily visits reached 120 million, a total of more than 29 million registered users, 1 million 500 thousand online users daily daily, affecting more than 8 million users of IT procurement, become the first choice of many buyers of the IT website.

but with the arrival of the era of mobile Internet users, and reading behavior tends to be fragmented and mobile, IT vertical website gradually into the dilemma: 2011 IT world network outage, the industry began to badmouth IT website; 2012 in Zhongguancun announced the closure, close the front has long into a loss.

data show that in 2014 October, a laptop computer and electric consumption increased by 4% and 15% in the IT vertical website advertising spending over the same period, however, the mobile phone manufacturers spending fell by 49%, the fourth consecutive month fell. Impact from new media and mobile terminals, resulting in such IT

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