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Mar 9, 2017 khmexore

2015, Internet plus as a national strategy, more and more entrepreneurs began to embrace the internet. Many enterprises in the line to the blind expansion at the same time, ignoring the line under the store operation and maintenance, blindly follow the trend of Internet plus corporate entities, of course has its own advantages, but in the embrace of the Internet at the same time, also should make full use of the line resources, each node with the electricity supplier, do the whole channel sales. So, in the process of the transformation of physical retail, need to pay attention to those problems?

a, O2O profiteering thinking does not work

A lot of

before have no contact with the Internet enterprise that, through the Internet, can make a person counter attack into rich handsome (Bai Fumei) a few years ago, such as micro business, for example before Taobao, but in fact, with the flow of dividends disappear, rely on the Internet channel is simple, no longer have a quick profit the advantage of the.

we can see that now the whole market in almost all Internet connection, connection mode is also diversified, or open online mall, WeChat development, independently of APP, while the traditional store almost no end what change, we all hope that through the "magic" of the Internet can profiteering, overnight.

but the store or store, its profit pattern has not changed, the traditional entity enterprise is the terminal is king, it cannot do without winning channels, distributors and stores the profits, while the O2O model does not need to consider these, so it can be the lowest price of transaction. So in the whole process of product circulation, need to be down to earth, O2O profiteering thinking is not feasible.

two, electricity providers and entities do not conflict

with Internet plus entrepreneurial enthusiasm grew, and the next line store was the closure of news shocks led to everyone on the line can be heard without end, unanimously optimistic, pessimistic on the next line store. In fact, the advantages of the store is particularly obvious, but because of the lack of marketing experience, but not fully play.

For example,

can change the management method, make some bold attempt on artificial distribution adjustment, combined with the advantage of the store, can do better; and the rapid spread of the advantages of the electricity supplier, plus a reasonable operation, also can bring a lot of traffic, it will impact the next line, but will not replace all and they play their respective advantages, can do good, so between the two do not conflict, can live together.

three, a little more patience, the usual treatment of adversity

with the growth of the electricity supplier industry, and entities to actively embrace the Internet, the future will be the phenomenon of polarization of physical retail.

The development of

mobile Internet, innovation is becoming more and more important, some of the lack of innovation ability of enterprises, will soon be out of the market, so enterprises must learn to change the thinking, for innovation, will survive, grow, and have full confidence in the development of the store, because the electricity supplier is no substitute store; Internet only >

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