Wang Haibo Network Library in September backdoor listing

Mar 9, 2017 lqqehqsj

news April 12th, today, China net bank chairman Wang Haibo said in the dialogue technology, Chinese network library will be in September this year or October backdoor listing, and do not care about the stock price is low, the target is listed by the brand image promotion.

Wang Haibo said, e-commerce industry in the next two years will be a lot of companies listed, Chinese network library also plans in September this year or October, through the backdoor listing. He even said that although the backdoor listing will make the price discount, but listed on the road will not hesitate, on the one hand to raise more funds for business development, on the other hand also listed by China network library brand image promotion.

Wang Haibo introduced to the network library currently has three major businesses: 1, to provide e-commerce data reference; 2, to provide the depth of "network library offer" services; 3, have 3000 trainers in 147 City, to the traditional enterprise e-commerce training service.

reading: Chinese Network Library Interoperability Information Technology Co., Ltd. is an B2B electronic commerce services company, founded in 1999, from the network (Network Library Business Yellow Pages Yellow Pages) started, 2005 began to carry out e-commerce business based on the original database pages of corporate members for the enterprise to provide the B2B e-commerce service industry based on the industry chain.

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