Webmaster version of the browser the model of precision marketing

Mar 9, 2017 spiqldfx

has been used to travel, not only because it is practical, more important is to travel the fresh layout and rapid response, and is rich in skin, remember that in December the skin has let me love christmas. Recently surprised in the discovery of Ali mother, Ali mother jointly launched the launch of the master version of the mobile browser.

the launch of the browser version of the browser, in fact, in the browser technology, combined with a large number of functions related to the webmaster, more practical, more corresponding target groups.


version of the browser integrates a number of owners used the site, function, not only save a lot in the industry famous site, directly with the mouse operation can be directly entered, such as division of information area, a station network, the station entrance directly China in design, plate, a blue ideal, 52design etc. also, the webmaster with various functions of disposable integrated in the same browser, such as the preservation of the function of flash, the screenshot function, check the function of the text and so on, will usually need several software start at the same time the complicated operation of disposable integrated into a browser, fully meet the needs of the Internet and the basic function of the webmaster.

In fact, the main function of the software

, my personal opinion is more like a travel version of the site owners and utility function sets, but the development of cooperation with Ali Mama, can not help but think of the Ali Mama background and precise marketing.

Ali mother through the carpet bombing propaganda and viral marketing, the market share of advertising alliance, so many webmaster to join Ali mother’s, in the beginning of the year, Ali mother joint travel act, can be said to be in a people’s daily behavior on precise marketing, and the purpose is convenient, the function of webmaster, reduce the cumbersome, direct point to point in the browser on the platform is simplified and convenient.

as everyone knows, every webmaster have access to the Internet to a large number of practical development with the browser, so the browser and the function of station officially put into practical, not only can make the Travel Group in-depth webmaster more, and can make interactive webmaster group and Ali mother more directly, daily. Ali mother address display also gives direct access to the direct access to the webmaster.

if hao123 is to China network infrastructure development stage of the actual need, then travel and Ali mother cooperation webmaster version of Maxthon browser, is to meet the characteristics of demand in the era of precision marketing of special groups, do not rule out other sites also follow Ali Ali mother, open the "network edition" browser. "YAHOO mailbox user edition browser, use the browser as the mom in the medium-term development of market access method, is extremely clever.

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