Network letter office to respond to Google Facebook into China as long as the law is welcome

Mar 9, 2017 hhasebcm

News Office of the State Council on October 12, 2016 (Wednesday) morning at 10 in the State Council Information Office press room held a press conference, deputy director of the state Internet Information Office Ren Xianliang, Zhejiang provincial Party committee, propaganda minister Ge Huijun, Tongxiang municipal Party committee secretary Lu Yuedong introduced the Third World Conference on Internet and preparatory work in progress, and a reporter asked.


Google return to China?

Bloomberg: my question is, it is now clear that Google and Facebook are trying to get back to China, and are we making any progress in getting Facebook back to China?

Ren Xianliang: let me answer this question. China Internet development is always uphold the open policy for foreign Internet companies, as long as China comply with the law, without prejudice to the interests of the country China, Chinese does not infringe the interests of consumers, we are welcome to Chinese development, share China Internet development dividend. Thank you

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