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Mar 9, 2017 khmexore

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network June 8th news, on Friday (June 5) and Wachovia announced Wowo (Hongkong) Investment Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "summit") signed the merger agreement, will set up China largest catering and hotel internet group company, company will be named "all the United States, Wowo headquartered in Hongkong.

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protocol to Wowo people AP shareholder payment 741422780 common shares and $30 million in cash, as the price to the shareholders for the acquisition of people AP people AP all issued shares in. At the same time, the price to the chairman Xu Maodong to each directional litters of American Depositary Receipts $10 issuance of $40 million of ordinary shares.

B2B is Chinese people AP sourcing platform catering and hotel industry, to provide one-stop shopping for comprehensive hotel, restaurant, restaurants, all kinds of leisure group meals and fast food and other formats in industry enterprise solutions. Our positioning in the local life service e-commerce platform, to help businesses selling the remaining services and management on the Internet back.

with all the beauty of the Wowo merger means Zhongmei will have only a Chinese Wowo opened the hotel the whole industry chain B2B2C Internet platform. The two companies complement each other in the original business and play a synergistic effect, and will use their strengths and resources to jointly develop new business, improve operational efficiency and business income.

management, all the United States will implement Wowo co chairman and CEO mechanism. Our chairman Xu Maodong will serve as co chairman of the summit incumbent CEO Wowo Wowo, Wu Jianguang will serve as CO CEO all litters. All union chairman and CEO Zhu Xiaoxia will serve as co chairman and CEO all litters.


chairman and CEO Xu Maodong said: "the cooperation between the two sides, is the prospect of people AP Wowo and China hospitality industry internet based on the common good, and both sides are working hard for the catering and hotel business, catering and hotel suppliers and Internet users to provide the best service and experience have a common responsibility and mission, reach consensus."

for strategic action Wowo, some analysts said the group purchase website is experiencing the third revolution, the first kind is mainly to the service consumer group purchase group purchase, the second is the cost of living service providers in transition from the group purchase website, the third is to further deepen the service life of a field in the longitudinal extension industrial chain. At present, the main force of U.S. beauty group, opal film, and intends to attract partners to create on-site service platform of O2O, the public comment stake in hungry takeaway business force.

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combined with all the beauty and litters, "Internet plus hotel" self-help,

too difficult!

  and all the U.S. and United Wowo announced a new company named "all litters;"

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