Wanda electricity supplier website Wan ibusiness on line does not provide the kind of online purchas

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Wanda electricity supplier website Wan ibusiness on-line does not provide the kind of online purchasing

[TechWeb] December 16th news, Wanda electricity supplier after brewing for a long time, and finally quietly on the line recently. Wanda electricity supplier online website named "Wan ibusiness" (www.wanhui.cn), as Wanda Plaza, O2O intelligent e-commerce platform, business covers general merchandise, delicacy, theater, KTV and other fields. At present, Wan ibusiness does not provide the kind of online purchasing services, and more like a shopping guide platform Wanda offline.

According to the official

, Wan ibusiness trial operation in December, will provide the most new square to users, business information, shopping guide, discount, movie information, delicacy, group purchase check points, gift exchange and other comprehensive information and services.

According to

‘s official website, currently only four square ibusiness and city (Dalian, Wuhan, Fuzhou, Zhengzhou) six Wanda Plaza was opened, respectively for the 27 Zhengzhou Wanda Plaza, Wanda Plaza, Dalian new Wuhan lingjiaohu Wanda Plaza, Fuzhou Cangshan Wanda Plaza, Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Wanda Plaza, and 100 the five merchant services in the Plaza will be the first can be displayed in Wan ibusiness in.

said Wanda chairman Wang Jianlin had an interview with the media, Wanda electricity supplier’s core will be the "member", "big data", is expected in 2015 will probably close to 140 Wanda Plaza, the average square of 20 million people a year, more than 2 billion people will go to Wanda plaza. Wanda is to turn these passengers into members. The goal is not to exceed five years to achieve the membership of one hundred million.

it is understood that Wan ibusiness currently does not support the purchase of real online trading. Only part of the group purchase and service receive coupons and purchase service.

in addition, Wanda also launched a mobile phone client "million", in addition to achieve Wan ibusiness function, can also provide for businesses, looking for parking spaces, sweeping square a variety of intelligent services for users.

insiders said, compared with the square ibusiness PC version, the APP is actually a focus on the development of Wanda electricity supplier. Wanda is the hope that through APP to members, and really get through online and offline.

for this reason, Wanda is also actively cooperate with the next line, Wanda announced that the country is free Wi-Fi service upgrades. There are dozens of Wanda Plaza Square, including the pilot to provide free Wi-Fi for users, is expected by the end of March next year, Wanda Plaza across the country will be completed infrastructure upgrade.

analysts pointed out that Wanda electricity supplier model will be completely different from Taobao or Jingdong, does not emphasize the direct purchase of real online, but hope that through the drainage line on the line, which means that Wanda electricity supplier is more like a diversion platform line, buy platform rather than physical class. Key square ibusiness is not online, but.

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