Vertical electricity supplier fear of price system collapse or cause large scale collapse

Mar 8, 2017 reseoyvd

from the recent cotton closed, red child seeking to acquire the current situation, the Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong is actually a qualified prophecy God, he pointed out, "the vertical retail platform must die, also can sell". In order to enlarge the volume although he also welcomed the various types of vertical electric providers settled, but reporters found that the vertical electric business platform 80% for fear of being the price system crash. From the current situation, the industry admitted that the situation in the second half of the electricity supplier is even worse, the possibility of large-scale closure.


was squeezed by the big platform

capital stop transfusion

for vertical class electricity supplier in the future if there is a way out of this problem, the old shoe B2C represents good music to buy President Li Shubin’s answer is positive, but he also admitted to reporters, "the second half vertical electric still faces a crisis of development outlook is not optimistic". From the development of the entire electricity supplier industry for two years, and the almost vertical electric flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum platform based electricity supplier of large-scale synchronous take cities and seize territory. During this period, the rapid expansion of the classification of Jingdong,, mall, shop and other sites, at present almost all segments of the products can be found in the platform on the B2C website.

vertical electricity supplier headache is that if consumers consider the convenience and cost savings, the majority of users are more willing to buy a one-time product on the same platform to the desired. From this point of view, the U.S. wine CEO Yide Lu believes that the "vertical electricity supplier in order to survive, it selected market segments must be large enough, and has the potential, secondly in the services and products relatively personalized, now a lot of vertical electric encounter difficulties, the fundamental reason lies in its field in depth is not enough to build advantage industry chain, industry of goods and services are standardized, it is difficult to bring added value to the user, it is the direct channel effect".

in addition, the vertical electricity supplier is currently in trouble another reason is to be around the capital. First, in order to gamble the vertical electricity supplier listed companies blindly pursue the size of the scale to attract investors, while ignoring the essence of the pursuit of profit. And now see the situation, but also have Wujin purse, stop the transfusion rescue.

, according to incomplete statistics, last year, the country has nearly 40 verticals to obtain financing 56 billion yuan, including the category of tea, wine, health products, home textiles and footwear, baby underwear, etc.. However, in the first half of this year, the total amount of vertical electricity providers to obtain only 66% of the same period last year, only a total of 10 vertical electricity supplier to get $1 billion 830 million financing.

"capital market deserted, directly led to a number of vertical electric business survival worrying, iResearch analyst Su Huiyan said," in no case of a profit, the blind pursuit of the size of the market, once the capital market to stop blood transfusion, vertical electric inevitable face a crisis of survival."


, the expansion of the category of self brand

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