The new search Blekko to challenge Google has won a 24 million venture capital

Mar 8, 2017 cyxnjljp

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sina science and technology news Beijing time on November 1st morning news, according to foreign media reports today, Google’s dominance in the field of network search did not prevent the entry of other enterprises. Recently, a company called Blekko ( on the hope that through the search results to attract users.

compression results

, a startup that officially began operations on Monday, wants to reduce the amount of spam or low quality sites, and search results in categories such as health, car and personal finance.

U.S. search market annual advertising revenues of $10 billion, to get a large share in the market is not a short duration of time to complete. But analysts appreciated Blekko. The company has now received a $24 million investment from several Vc firm and well-known angel investors Ron · (Ron Conway) and · (Marc Andreessen).

Blekko and some industry analysts believe that Google’s problem is that the search results in the expansion process, can not guarantee the quality. Search results often contain a number of sites can not determine the content of the source.

Blekko also uses the Google style search algorithm, but rely on the user to choose which sites will appear in the search results of specific keywords. In this way, the user can compress the search results – for example, manually select a set of words that are elegant, or specifically for baseball.

Blekko CEO Ricci · skrenta (Rich Skrenta) said, "because the total has exceeded 1 trillion," information rubbish also showed accelerated growth". He also said: "we will use large-scale manual means to clean up such content." To promote the "trusted" content.

, for example, was identified by Blekko as a health related content being limited to 76 authoritative sources of information. So, when the user search for treatment of cold, will only display the content from, and MedlinePlus sites. In Google, the top 10 information includes, and and other unknown sites.

on the other hand, although Google may return some of the credibility of the lower information sources, but the company is trying to search results for the cold patients to provide direct advice. Although the source of Blekko is more authoritative, but it has some academic, for example, the exhibition shows the effect of zinc and vitamin

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