There’s no 10 years before you start a business

Mar 8, 2017 khmexore

Abstract: Founder is the boss of the company, is the captain of the company, the company, the founder of the importance is that we are in the company for the course, is the founder of the company for the development of the path. If you do not grasp the essence of the founder, you may make the wrong direction, the design of the wrong path.

1 a successful venture requires at least ten years

the vast majority of entrepreneurs are the first venture, of course, there are continuous entrepreneurs, but very few, and now more than 95% of entrepreneurs are the first venture.

for the first time entrepreneurs, the most important thing is to have a macro understanding of the entrepreneurial life cycle.

is like to climb the mountain, if you used to climb, you climb, you again to climb more easily, because you know that the mountain climbing high, probably about how long it will take, will probably be divided into several stages to climb……

for entrepreneurship is also the same, if the person who had started, when he started again, he has a very big advantage, that is, he knows how entrepreneurship is going on.

but for most of the first venture of the people, because there is no overall concept of entrepreneurship, will often take many detours, many entrepreneurs in the business at the beginning of the venture want is too simple, what I think to do poineering work hard? Is a technical expert, I thought of a good idea, and even the software to write, that I was not to find a few people to set up a company can start


a lot of risk investors are willing to put simple entrepreneurial thinking, they think entrepreneurship should be I vote for you this year, you’ll raise a round, we will go to the next year after the bell……

because they do not understand the life cycle of entrepreneurship, many entrepreneurs after three years, four years of business have yet to see the dawn will feel very depressed, why I think it has been three years, four years, still struggling


in fact, if the understanding of the life cycle of the enterprise, these problems do not exist.

so, I want to share with you the core point today: entrepreneurship is a period of ten years of running, it experienced four stages, each stage you can accelerate but may not cross, each stage takes roughly three years, a successful entrepreneurs need more than 10 years.

whether the enterprise or the US for having heard it many times, we do not know the company, spent more than 10 years from the creation of success.

BAT in each home from the creation to the last IPO, more than 10 years. In recent years, the star of our market is millet company, but you know, this is the sixth year of millet company…… Believe me, any successful business, you need more than 10 years.

if you use this as a reference system, you will recognize

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