High quality goods network suddenly suffered a big layoffs electricity supplier dilemma

Mar 8, 2017 zkwmegmu

early in the morning to go to work, only to know that he was cut." Yesterday, many employees share network also released the news on the Internet, suddenly said he was to resign, but the Internet is also rumored layoffs this luxury e-commerce website to share network reach half. In this regard, the best network CEO Yang Peifeng on the Beijing Morning Post reporter said, "this figure is certainly exaggerated, but the company does strategic adjustment involves a number of staff turnover, which is a change in the strategic direction of the company, the future will focus more on profits."

only communicate with department director

it is understood that the share network was established in 2009, the luxury e-commerce site located in high-end consumer, has won the Taishan angel investment fund three risk investment, and most recently won the US retail giant Messi department store for $15 million financing. In this case, the quality of the network will suddenly suddenly announced a substantial layoffs, in addition to the fact that the development of its company encountered problems, many people also speculated or due to internal leadership discord.

but for this, the quality of the network are denied. Yang Peifeng said, layoffs strategic adjustment, the purpose is to optimize the management, improve the effectiveness of. Jiapin network has been developing steadily and the business is rising, the company’s capital reserves are very good. For former employees, share network will give the labor law and beyond 1 months of wages, while working with the recruitment for employee recommended employment opportunities." However, he also revealed that the layoffs involve almost all sectors, and before the layoffs only with the Department Director level staff to communicate.

this is indeed an important shift in the direction of the company’s strategic direction, cut off unnecessary personnel and related funds, focusing on corporate earnings will be an important direction in the future. For the first half of the year will have 100 million yuan marketing plan and set the sales target, we strive to complete the plan." Yang Peifeng said.

luxury electricity supplier trapped

throughout the industry, in 2009 the luxury sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like come up, now, except for some unknown small luxury websites have been closed, Sina and other luxury Channel also gradually fell, while the network serves, cool CEO left the statue of bankruptcy rumors have shown the luxury business sleepy zhao.

this, iResearch Consulting Senior Adviser Tang Xin said: Although the luxury has considerable profit margins, but the downstream channel is not authorized to be controlled, which is the most deadly." As for the way out of the electricity supplier of luxury, industry insiders Shenzhen electric shock Agel Ecommerce Ltd founder Gong Wenxiang said, today there is a friend of the massive layoffs of luxury electricity supplier. A few years ago, I sing every day luxury electricity supplier, as long as any of the electricity supplier and a little hook hook luxury can not get rid of layoffs, bankruptcy, loss. Luxury electricity supplier and its expected sales, it is better to use it as a window to contact the user."

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